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He Talks Funny | Jeanne Buesser“A must have book for everyone!”

“Making a difference one book at a time”.

A Heartwarming Story of Everyday Life
By: Jeanne Buesser



You can also purchase the book at select bookstores including at Words (Maplewood, NJ) and Well Read (Hawthorne, NJ); online at Amazon and AuthorHouse. Bn.com. A Novel Idea,chapter two(Vineland)


“This is a simple story that takes a look at a complicated speech disorder called Apraxia. Jeanne Buesser tells of a young boy with Apraxia at camp, his difficulty making friends, and his mother who advocates for him. Being a mother to an apraxic boy herself, Buesser has first hand knowledge what it is like to explain this disorder to adults and children who come into contact with someone with this motor speech impairment. As a Speech Language Pathologist myself, I can use this book to make my own clients, their family members, and the professionals who work with them feel more comfortable and, more importantly, empowered with knowledge and hope.”

* “Jeanne Buesser has written a wonderful and educating story. Many, many children are affected by speech disorders. The story teaches the reader about this condition which many people are unaware of, especially children. I applaud Jeanne for raising the awareness of this through a children’s story. There is a stigma attached to theses kinds of disabilities; people tend to think that children like this are not smart. This important point is mentioned in the story. Well done.”
-SHAHIDUN RAHMAN, Author, Ibrahim — Where on the Spectrum Does He Belong?

* “Jeanne, your book was wonderful. It is a very informative story for both adults and children. The drawings are perfect and professional. I have since lent it to a family of an autistic child. They too are impressed with it.” – Flo

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