Moonlight Till Dawn

Moonlight Till Dawn | Jeanne Buesser

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This is the 2nd poetry book by Jeanne Buesser, author of Journey from Darkness to Light, and He Talks Funny. This book describes her survival with her children on her new path after her husband passed away.

This work comes straight from Jeanne’s heart. Her many poems are simple, direct and full of all the emotions that build up each day after your child dies when you feel totally lost and empty. After a brief summary of her life, the poems give us a heartwrenching pictures of what it was like for her to lose her 3 1/2 year-old child to Cancer while trying to be normal for the rest of her family. The poems started approximately one year after the death of Danny, her son, and continue until the present. In them we see that the majority are about her loss and how Danny shows her a path to travel, as does her husband, who also died a couple of years ago. As she says in one of her poems…they will always be with her…she knows they are safe inside her heart and mind. She, like all of us who have children who have died, understand the torment, the anguish, and the incomprehensible loss she speaks about. Her comfort, she says, is in knowing that one day they will all be reunited.
(Courtesy of Sandy Fox, author of Creating a New Normal…After the Death of a Child and I Have No Intention of Saying Good-bye


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2 thoughts on “Moonlight Till Dawn

  1. Thank you so much for lending me this remarkable book! Sorrow and wrenching pain are so strongly handled. Such a sensitive insight that will help all parents with children of special needs. Beth.

  2. Dear Jeanne – your books reach out to the reader. They not only teach us
    about life in another dimension, but allow us to understand our inner self.
    Let all of us “Open our minds” to embrace life at all levels. Your books give
    that road map….just follow it…..reach out.

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