Poems and Thoughts by Jeanne

Note: If you are interested in using any of these poems, or thoughts please contact Jeanne for permission. These poems are copyrighted.

Birthday Wishes 10/12/04

What can I say, to a man like you, a father, friend and teacher too.
Who has taught me so much, but so much more for me to learn.
As life like a carousel does turn,
with ups and down as it spins around, you were there to pick me up off the ground.
But through it all, I’ve got to say, I wouldn’t want it any other way.
I can say with pride,that I hope and pray, with your health another
20 years more like today.
You’ll still be working on many projects big and small, soon hopefully finish them all.
Like I said in that turtle figure saying many years ago, I’m slow, but I’m coming”
but I’ll get there so,
Keep on walking, doing, never stop yearning and learning,
For life is one big carousel turning!
Happy 80th Birthday Dad!!

A   Friend       8/18/11
A friend is someone who is connected to your heart,
They lift you up when you fall apart,
The bond never broken is there for all time,
To love and cherish in your heart and mind.

The Cove    8/9/11
The cove is quiet and still.
Waters gently lap the shore.
Sun already risen warms the sky.
Pale blue color shows the day.
Another day has begun….
Birds already risen have flown away.
Street is empty, few cars drive by..
I sit and listen to the world awake.

Boat Ride                      8/10/11
Boat cuts through the water like a knife,
I’m holding the rail the breath taking sight,
No sounds or birds are in the air,
Gentle wind whips my hair.
Sightly chilled, laughing with a friend by my side
We watch the sunset, enjoy the ride.

Three Birds                    8/11/11
Three birds in a nest weather the storms,
Trying their best to keep warm,
Through thick and thin they huddle together,
Watching out for each other in all sorts of weather,
Being so cheerful and smiling inside,
Braving the winds enjoying the ride.

The Night                      8/9/11
Deep blue water is the night sky with
lights that twinkle showing us the the way,
We pick out the constellations and talk as we
walk by pulling the dogs on a quiet night.

A Summer Night   7/27/11
Walking on a summer night as sunset leaves and dusk arrives.
Summer sounds are in the air, planes, birds as the sky light changes into night.
Darkness approaches, sunset rays no more on the horizon.
Blue gray sky begins to show, the moon peaks it’s face into the sky
Birds outside quiet down, the world’s asleep and peaceful.

Patterns  7/18/11
Patterns like old habits woven into our lives, rugs, worn and frayed.
Pulling out old patterned yarns to make new ones.
Changing the way we think and act.
Realizing the way some things we’d done didn’t work.
Not seeing the lesson then.
Throwing our energy to the wind without getting the return flow back
Thinking from the head and not the heart.
Feeling exhausted inside, no new fuel to keep the drive going. I heard my voice say “stop” inside my head.
How long Has it been? Helping others first? I’d forgotten about my own needs- fueling my fire. I finally
listened and heard it.
Knowing now  I can’t pull everyone’s weight. Must let go, of this anchor. Others saw what I didn’t see. I couldn’t accept
The change I had to make inside myself. Reaching for something that I hadn’t answered myself until now.

Your Favorite Song  9/7/11
Hearing your favorite song on the cd,
Grips my soul,forgiving you.
Tears run down my face out of control, understanding the words hearing what they say.
Feeling sad I couldn’t take your pain away.
Knowing how you felt now, like sand against the tide
washing away your strength while you cry inside.

Messages       9/22/11
What messages are there in life’s journeys?
Stops, starts and hesitation?
Different and difficult decsions on what paths we take.
Always asking questions, looking for answers.
Only finding them when you listen to your heart.

Music 10/1/11
Music soothes the soul,
Brings joy to the heart.
Giving life meaning and direction.
Taking away sorrow and pain.
Restoring peace.

Ripples 10/5/11
A pebble is thrown into the water.
It sinks to the bottom never to be seen again.
But, where it enters the surface ripples appear almos invisible at first,
Then slowly they branch out on a endless plane.
Like the ripples we don’t know how much influence we have to make a difference from one circumstance.
Or don’t always see the changes that happen or take place.

The Moon  10/5/11
Silently the moon rises over the water,
Sending its shimmering reflection
upon the gentle waves below.
On this clear night you hear the waves lapping
at the getty,
While the moon shines its light for all to see.

Energy  10/5/11
Energy is around us all.
We move together in a circle as one.
Each of us swaying like palm trees in a breeze.
Passing is along.

New Faces  10/16/11
New faces making friends, sharing stories turning a bend.
New adventures laughing around, good time ahead.
What next can be found?
Making cracks in my outside wall, letting light in having a ball.

The Morning Light  10/19/11
It’s 6am dark outside.
Fog is heavy like a blanket of snow,
Hard to see. Like a ghost it hangs around, slowly lifting off the ground.
The dawn approaches it is first light.
Away goes the fog into the light.

Meadow Grasses 10/26/11
Meadow grasses sway to the movement of the wind.
Gracefully and silently like a golden river.

She  11/2/11
Who is she?
Standing on a sandy beach feeling the energy of the world around her.
Who is she?
A tree bending in the wind, moving to the pulsing rhythm of the ocean.
Who is she?
Holding a ball of energy as she moves from side to side, opening up herself to the universe.
She is me.

Breathing 11/24/11
Energy flowing into my heart opening and closing like a flower.
Bringing me to a higher place.
My body rising on a floating pad remembering you…
Like it was yesterday.

Time 11/27/11
Time changes all things, thoughts, bodies, minds in all of us.
What we thought was safe isn’t.
What fears we had are now here.
We are forced to take steps on paths we didn’t choose.
They’re unexpected changes as we go ahead.
Time moves forward though we try and hold it back.

Candle 11/30/11
Each of us is a candle with light glowing inside.
Spreading warmth and friendship to the world.
We give light to the darkest reaches of our souls.
Showing it a path to follow, making a difference one day at a time.

My Tribute to Margie 12/03
I really didn’t know you well, but you were a special person I could tell,
since two children and your husband had passed away. I invited you to have dinner at thanksgiving at my mom’s . We were glad to have you there. A stranger who had no place to go. You were thankful for each day. You smiled, laughed and gave great advice on how to live, never thinking twice.On how many lives you changed. You will be missed.

Rose   1/13/13

Like the flower always blooming, Giving love and light to all. Never resting or growing weary always standing tall. Like the petals soft and delicate, the stem straight and strong. Forever bending with the wind, never breaking. Swaying to your own song.

Frozen  1/15/13

In shock, frozen- disbelief, hard to fathom your gone. Such a good friend helping  all. Supporting everyone. Leaving a void in the world making such a difference. Missing you.

Dawn  1/20/13

The sun’s orb approaches the horizon, It’s rays like fingers touches the darkeness bringing a new day. The sun’s warm glow touches the soul and body bringing renewed energy, love and light.

Souls 1/24/13

Souls like silent Angels drift upon the wings of doves, Flying in the wind, Passing through time and space touching all with their love.

Whispers 2/11/13

Whispers, like forgotten memories linger in my mind. Flying through the wind touching me again. Remembering your touch. Dancing on on the floor. We were young, drinking wine, laughing once more.

Graceful Bird 2/2/13

Graceful bird flying in the sky. A cloudless day, passing by. Silently it glides without a care, riding effortlessly on invisible air. In my mind’s eye I see it fly, I’m releasing my troubles letting them go. Feeling relaxed like the graceful bird going by slow.

Growing  2/19/13

Every person needs to grow and change in order to survive. To learn their lessons grow in spirit and soul. Go beyond the comfort zone be at peace within yourself. Walk steps into unknown places test yourself. Face emotions not yet mastered. Be sure in their footsteps. Feeling from the heart not head.

Shift 2/23/13

I felt sad but good before today. The record player’s needle fixed. Now the records play. I felt a lift I hear music once more. Now I can dance again on the floor.

Sunset  3/6/13

Setting sun in the sky, yellow, red, orange, clouds go by. Blues and grays begin to show. The sky darkens,changes to night things start to slow. On the horizon the globe descends into the water covering up loose ends.

Waterfalls 6/6/13

Waterfalls are like portals from the soul- Water is cleansing and always moving keep us going forward.Yet, whether fast or slow, ice or just flowing,Helps us to feel free and peaceful.

 Closet shelves 6/19/13

Sometimes we store things on closet shelves.To hide them away.Forgotten things memories put away.It is hard to revisit, find them, go through them.They hold joy and pain. Releasing old wounds forgiving oneself. So we can be free, to move on.

Shifting Sands  8/20/13

Shifting sands, re-arrange thoughts move them to a different place.Being in the moment accepting reality.Can’t pretend anymore.Wind shifts sands and moves on.

What is a Spirit? 12/8/13

A spirit is a spark of life ever lasting. Watching us from another place and time. FIlling our hearts with love knowing you’re here in spirit. Even though you aren’t here physically, but always in our heart and soul, through the waves of time.

My special wish 2013/2014

If I could make a wish in that the past circumstances wouldn’t change.I would wish for good health, happiness,prosperity for all.That all your Angels protect you and your families from harm. Even though some of mine are in spirit, I am glad they are watching over me and my family, and listening to my prayers.

The Spring Breeze  4/23/14

The breeze blows by, moving all the branches of the trees. The dawn begins to change the sky from dusk to dawn. Robins and Cardinals sing their songs on the branches, then fly away. Giving us a gentle reminder our loved ones are always near.

Breathing 6/7/14

Breathing, opening up my heart. My soul sings. Expanding myself beyond my comfort limits. The gentle winds blow my hair. I am still.

Sands of Time 8/2/14

Sand like time is silent. Only moving with the winds. Ever changing, Time shifts memories sands move within time. On a far away beach I walk with you gently holding hands. Silently the water laps at my feet, We watch the sunset. Another day ends night approaches.

Spark 9/3/14

You are the spark which warms the sun,
Your love of life and joy of your craft are one.
Love flows from you and your heart abound,
To everyone in the world around.

* A tribute…

Sounds 9/26/14

Hearing sounds as the day’s light begins to fade,
Crickets chirp in the night air, birds sleep,
Listening to the hush of sunset on the horizon.

Stillness approaches.
A peaceful night, calm winds.
In the street, children play,
colored leaves fall. The sky turns from twilight to night.
Another day ending a new one begins.

Winds 10/22/14

Winds like memories shift in the breeze, Going to or from
somewhere. Never knowing how light and gentle or playful they can be.
Or strong and fierce not knowing any course or reason.

Mountain Breezes 12/9/14

Air Still, leaves rustle, birds sing. Deep blue sky cloudless. Warm hot sun on my back,
beige granite quiet mountains, standing tall. Gentle cool breezes, blow the leaves. Peaceful settings. Only an occasional ball being lobbied over the net, and squeaking of tennis shoes. A comment might be spoken. Traffic drives by in the distance. I sit in my chair, mesmorized by natures beauty, finishing my piece of peach apple pie.

The Cafe Road 12/9/14

One winding mountain road and lane. No lights cars passing me fast. Tense hands eager to get there. Finally a town, whew! Wrong one, ask directions, more driving. Stop and park, Small shops local stuff. Asking locals for a place to eat. Stop in a small cafe. Local artist painted mural of a garden with a meadow and wisteria on the wall,sides and a path. Pretty and peaceful. Calming effect as I eat my lunch, to return back to the place where I’m staying for the night.

 Dad  6/20/15

Your in my prayers every night. Always thankful for your light. Your smile which came from your heart. I know that we aren’t far apart. Just knowing you were a part of my life, Will always make me smile. If I could just do half of what you did in life I could ride the wave awhile. Thank you for all the lessons which you showed to me. Even if I had to learn them later in life. Always proud to be your daughter. Happy Father’s day in spirit.

Here    7/13/15

I walk down a darkened path, While silver trees let their leaves blow around me.I sit in a chair with my palms facing upward on my legs. I feel energy flowing from the, into the world.

Tea  7/22/15

Drinking tea, I savor the flavor. Sipping it gently, loving the liquid taste as I sit and relax. I zone out. Thinking out loud. I realize like the tea, we are all different. Each person has their own flavor and strength. But each one adds variety to the world which we all live in.

Smiling inside myself  10/22/15

Sitting here listening to Dr Wayne Dyers videos. Realizing how much wisdom he had and the messages he gives. Understanding what truth he is talking about and how we are conditioned sometimes about not listening to our hearts and taking our own advice.  Smiling and realizing we all have the power to change for the better inside. To strip away all the things that bring us down and always be light. Anything is possible. Believe in yourself.

Fall 9/28/16
A time to change our colors from summer to fall.
A time to reflect who we are inside.
A time to change how we used to think about things.
A time to look forward to a newer you.
A time to breathe.
A time to just be.

Ocean Sky 1/12/16

Sky in colors of yellow, orange, blue, gray, purple and white. Sun hidden in clouds of gray. Still peaceful, relaxing setting. While waves lap slowly on the wet shore Bubbles and foam flow on the sand in a hiss. I hear the gentle waves in my mind. Listening to the birds which fly across the sky. It is cold out but it’s a serene scene. Trying to calm my heart and soul., It’s been a hard two weeks.

Balloons big and small 1/14/16

Small balloons filled with air rise into the sky. They raise our spirits and send messages. Big balloons also open our hearts sending our bodies to places you can’t feel but touch our hearts. Opening up our souls to different places and appreciating the world below.

Heroes   8/2/17

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Different skin tones, eyes, hair etc. Like butterflies they emerge with different colors. Changing the way we see things, and changing our lives.

Summer moon  8/8/17

Gentle moon hanging in the sky,Graceful moon passing by, Amber moon bright with light, Humongous moon in the night.Slowly moving pas the clouds shining a path to guide me.

I stop in awe of your beautiful size.Appreciating wisdom through your eyes.You seem to glow and pierce my soul, ever knowing which way to go.Thanking you for the guiding light. I drive away into the night.

Life  8/29/17

Life can be beautiful gentle and kind. Like a butterfly with wings gliding on a breeze.It can also be harsh physically on your body and mind.

During these times in darkness hard to see the light.But through life’s lessons, we pull from our inner strength. Showing ourselves what we are capable of. But maybe not realizing it at that time.

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