About Jeanne Buesser

Award Winning Artist

One of my own quotes I live by: We all reach the top of the mountain. Everyone has their own way of getting there.

My intention to the world : I was brought up with this from my parents. Make the world a better place because you are in it.

Jeanne Buesser, is a mom to two special needs adults and a bereaved parent. Many years ago she started taking her middle son as a teen to private art lessons. He didn’t want to continue after awhile in high school, so she took over his paints and lessons. Fast forward she had an idea for her first book and showed her art teacher who showed her drawing and coloring techniques. The rest is history. Ms. Buesser learned that she could draw and paint without prior experience, with direction from her teachers. She has since entered her artwork at local events like art in the park, and the Womens Club in Paramus, where she has won awards. Jeanne also began to write poetry after her son passed. She was the librarian for The Compassionate Friends, a bereavement group, for 15 years.


Thank you for visiting my website. Stay safe and blessings to you. Feel free to share my website with your friends and family.




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