Another Journey

by | Mar 19, 2015

When you go on a trip you never know what things you will experience. I was open when I flew to San Diego recently. Along the plane trips, I met so many fascinating people. Little did I know that one of them would meet again. Many months later, I had talked to one lady who I had met on a plane. She invited me to a women’s empowerment meeting. Where I had met others who spiritually and physiology learned about ourselves, and how we were taught about adrenaline and the glands in our bodies. How we were all able to shift and live through our emotions and hearts and glands. It was such a wonderful feeling connecting with others, doing a chant, breathing. That women can change the way the world does things by taking away certain elements that we were taught. The name of the group is called Brave Hearts. If you have a chance to find one in your area via meetup. It will change the way you see things from a different perspective.


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