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The Willow Tree

This sweet inspirational story is about a willow tree seed, and its journey from birth to maturity. The seed faces life challenges and learns lessons from them. It can be applied to anyone.


Journey From Darkness to Light

A uplifting book of poetry written from the heart, telling my journey. First of two books. Second book called Moonlight Till Dawn.


Breezi’s Island

This is Jeanne’s first love story. It is loosely based on her childhood memories growing up in Kenya, East Africa.


Water Line: A special story

Jeanne Buesser writes another wonderful story for families about life, its lessons and changes. She takes hold of your heart strings and doesn’t let go. Look for her upcoming story and other books available everywhere.


Moonlight till Dawn

This is the 2nd poetry book by Jeanne Buesser, author of Journey from Darkness to Light, and He Talks Funny. This book describes her survival with her children on her new path after her husband passed away


He Talks Funny: A Heartwarming Story of Everyday Life


” He Talks Funny” is about a “special needs child” who has a neurological speech disorder and cannot be understood when he talks. How his mother helps educate his camp counselor and camp mates about her son’s disability is the essence of the boy’s acceptance into camp. It has been read by speech and language pathologists. They have found it satisfactory.


Caramel’s Meadow

This is a very sweet story about a man and his neighbors in Ireland who emigrate to Arizona to raise Connemara ponies, a breed of Irish horses. The man’s brother teaches the children, who love the horses, how to care for them. It also tells the trials and tribulations of raising horses on a prairie near the mountains. Ms. Buesser is also the gifted artist whose lovely paintings accompany the story.


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