Bucket List #3

by | May 26, 2015

Finding out things about yourself
When I started my bucket list a few years back, I wasn’t sure what to write. Then I really thought about things. I started writing them down. One thing was a hot air balloon ride. I had a good friend of mine who I hadn’t see in over 15 years. We had kept in touch by phone on and off. Things happened to both of us and we had another connection. I decided to visit her but didn’t know when. As luck would have it my sister was able to watch my kids on Memorial day weekend. I took the opportunity and flew out to visit her. I booked a balloon ride and decided to treat her also. I am so glad I did. She is afraid of heights. But I convinced her to come with me. The other funny thing the place for the lift off was 5 minutes from her house. All she said was Amazing… all weekend. Her husband told me that she never says that. I think she just began to think of other family gifts that they would enjoy on doing that ride. It felt good because I wasn’t sure because how high we went. It was 9000 ft. All the passengers had champagne and muffins after the balloon ride was done. Update. I talked to my friend the other day. She is still talking about the balloon ride we had. She is thinking about going again with other family members. I can check off this one from my list. I also went on a zip line for the first time with my kids in NY state in august. I was nervous they wouldn’t do it and be scared like I was. It was such a blast. I am now going to the extreme one on top of the mountain 4 miles of zip lining zig zaging down. It will be high and fast, scary, but I know it will be safe. On the last one I had a camera on my helmet taking pictures and video.Going for fall foliage one. I went on columbus day, the camera wasn’t working in the cabinet, for the extreme one. The mountain is 5000 ft up. I went on the extreme one yesterday. I was shaking in my boots.zip lined across ravines, over 900 ft high. I had such a great time,with my kids at the hunter mountain in ny. lovely colors on the mountain,it was a family event that was always done taking a picture of the fall colors. Even though my dad was there in spirit it was great because a lady bug landed on my son’s shirt during the event. Thanks dad. http://www.ziplinenewyork.com/


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