Driving stretches

by | Apr 28, 2017

Each time I go on vacation, I have rented a car. Many times I am not used to driving long distances, in unfamiliar places. I have learned to breathe and drive since I am the only driver. While on my last fl adventure, I drove many miles along the west and east part of the state up and down as well as across. It was amazing to me how big florida is and how long it takes to get places. I am glad that my angels above kept me safe. At one point there was a miscommunication on the directions and the way to the airport which should have taken me 1hr almost took two and nearly missed our flight in west palm. We saw lovely beaches, had fun with my cousins who I hadn’t seen in over 25 years. Went to the weechi mermaid show, saw an eagles nest and herons, and a manatee and calf. We all had alot of fun staying at a friend of mine’s house. We will probably go back again for other attractions.


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