Family Challenges #20

by | Sep 5, 2022

Family Challenges

Sometimes life throws you a family challenge that you need to see such as old family patterns that were taught during your lifetime, that no longer need to be talked about like guilt and shame that still go on from other family members. My younger and middle son in the past often
said it was their fault and feel ashamed. I now understand that this was taught behaviors that I grew up with. I am so sorry that I had put this on them unknowingly. I talked to my middle son today about it.
I have worked very hard and have promised that I will no longer go back to that past behavior. It is very negative and demeaning. I asked them to forgive me. I now have learned to go forward and not engage with that drama. If obstacles show up in your way, do not be afraid to conquer or review them. Sometimes you may
need to move on and let the situation go.



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