Grand Canyon

by | Apr 12, 2016

Grand Canyon 4/12/16

Arrived by train 3:45am. Tried to watch sunrise at 6am, outside the park. A small animal scampers across the driveway while dark. Crows cackle as they fly. Elks walk by nibbling grass. Whispering pines rustle in the wind on the canyon ridge. Swallows chirp in flight. Eagles soar on the high winds above our heads. Such a majestic sight, vast canyons so many hills and valleys. Far below you can hear the colorado river rapids, see boaters on the river. Walked almost 1 mile, no protection from the winds. Resting now. A lady bug lands on my son’s leg. A friendly hello from the other side. Waiting to see another sunset before heading home on the train.


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