I Cried

by | Nov 25, 2015

I Cried 11/25/2015

I cried when I left you, inside I was so alone.

Facing a new life ahead of me leaving my childhood home.

All my friends behind me, to start anew.

Trying to fit in a world so different, so unsure.

Always wanting to return to before.

Where the skies were so blue, animals all around.

Though time has healed the wound, it’s still there in another time it seems.

But I will always remember Kenya always in my dreams.

I cried when I saw you there and had to let you go.

My heart was broken so many years ago.

But I knew one thing inside you wouldn’t want me sad.

So I thanked God that I had you.

Tried not to feel so bad.

Even when the ground beneath me crumbled, tried to find a wall.

Grateful then you came and held my hand so
I wouldn’t fall.

To guide me along this new road and support me after all.


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