MoonLight till Dawn

by | Sep 2, 2020

Dear Jeanne- your books reach out to the reader. They not only teach us about life in another dimension, but allow us to understand our inner self. Let all of us “Open our minds” to embrace life at all levels. Your books give that road map… just follow it… reach out. Carl


Loved the books, you’re really talented. I cried for two days. I felt uplifted after finishing the 2nd one. Looking forward to reading more from you. Susan


Reading and learning about the author… I have so much admiration for her… She expresses sadness… her triumph.. Her ups and her downs… I truly recommend to not only support her but she writes wonderful poetry. .. I bought her other books… He Talks Funny… Journey From Darkness to Light.. All that this person had and stills deals with-… What a strong woman. I so enjoyed her poetry. I highly recommend this book. GW


“Moonlight Till Dawn” – Another fantastic book of poetry that broke my heart.  I feel encouraged and inspired in my own life to be positive and never give up when life becomes difficult.



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