Path in the Park

by | Oct 1, 2020

Path in the Park 10/1/20

As I walk upon this path in the park my heart and soul she sings. To a new vibration of which I hadn’t heard or felt before. As I Ascend higher in learning and awareness, I begin to feel a shift. Grateful to those who help me forward and support me . Shedding tears as I leave the old ways and thoughts behind .Embracing the newer me.

As I look upon the moon shining brightly as the sun. Grateful waking me up with her energy knowing I will be okay and not undone. As I walk upon this new path I know I’m not alone like I thought the old me was before. That the Angels helped to guide me going forward ever more.  Feeling energized and more positive with my son’s as I go ahead you see. For whatever my journey they are always inside with me.




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