by | Jul 18, 2011

Patterns 7/18/11
Patterns like old habits woven into our lives, rugs, worn and frayed.
Pulling out old patterned yarns to make new ones.
Changing the way we think and act.
Realizing the way some things we did didn’t work.
Not seeing the lesson then.
Throwing our energy to the wind without getting the return flow back.
Thinking from the head and not the heart.
Feeling exhausted inside, no new fuel to keep the drive going. I heard my voice say “stop” inside my head.
How long has it been? Helping others first? I’d forgotten about my own needs – fueling my fire. I finally listened and heard it.
Knowing now I can’t pull everyone’s weight. Must let go, of this anchor. Others saw what I didn’t see. I couldn’t accept
the change I had to make inside myself. Reaching for something that I hadn’t answered for myself until now.


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