by | Dec 8, 2021

Reflections 12/8/21

This year I reflected on past lessons and future ones. I had a big
birthday milestone this year. My sisters were able to take me away for
the day and overnight. I was able to get a surprise respite coverage
from my extended family. I thanked my sisters for the gift of friendship
and love, when we were able to get together for my birthday weekend in NYC.

I appreciated myself and was proud of how far I have come with my sons.

Lessons I had been taught from my parents which were passed on and were
no longer needed I revised. I was able to let them go.

Looking back I was able to breathe and smile. I began to re-learn how to
feel emotions and to re-communicate with my sons, including the
challenges I needed to face. To step back so they can also learn for
themselves as they live their lives too.


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