The Open Door #11

by | Feb 9, 2017

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As I sit here looking at the snow. I began to realize that I had a dream about a door a few months ago with light behind it. I didn’t realize what it meant. After talking to my healer I realized that it was an aha moment. That I was shifting to another plane of awareness and that the gifts I had were becoming bigger. The light that was behind the door is now shining through and brighter. That the stories I now write are connected to the paintings that I have done in the past. That my journey is fuller because of those gifts which I hadn’t realized I had until now. I wasn’t sure how to breathe and accept them, being sure of myself. I now am writing not only with my head but also by heart for the first time. It is so different. I am also painting new ones so I can finish writing them into my story.


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