The Willow Tree

by | Sep 2, 2020

I love stories like ‘Willow Tree’ because I love to see belief systems materialize in positive growth. This is how I felt about this storyline as the tree was the center point of the story used in an abstract way as if in human form (personification).

Sometimes it takes someone with experience to lift our spirits (such as Mother Nature speaking and confirming that the willow tree would one day grow big and strong).

Although the small willow lacked confidence, and the seasons did change (just as they do in our own lives), Mother Nature affirmed a truth as the small willow tree did come into its own.

Life may not be easy, and the seasons will come with its twists and turns, but if we believe and affirm our greatness, we can achieve our greatest desires.


“Willow Tree” – Beautiful story, with artwork that is just as beautiful.

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  1. Jim Gold

    Willow tree: a lovely short story, simply told, and illustrated by the author/writer. I appreciated the symbolism of the willow tree, and its message about the power of difference, uniqueness, and resilience which resides in each one of us.
    Jim Gold


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