by | Jul 25, 2020

Update #4
Before I had kept emotions close to me with a wall for protection around my heart. The wall kept me safe where I didn’t have to feel or move through it.  I now have learned after many years how to break down that wall and breathe. To not be afraid. To talk to my sons about things and explain. Being a single parent I have to be both mom and dad.  It isn’t easy but I realize that if I explain that I am learning too, including communication then conversations happen which would not have happened.
A few years ago I talked about going on vacation but this time overseas to the UK. My older son started doing the research along with my younger son on what things we wanted to see. We started putting together a spreadsheet with the activities and dates/ cities we were staying in. Here was the challenge, I first had to find a travel agent who understood what I wanted specifically and the the budget I had in mind. As luck would have it I was able to find one who was able to put together a package for me and my sons. You may have a money amount in your head then you are hit with reality.
Another issue, both my sons are special needs so I needed someone to come with me to help. I couldn’t do this alone, watch them 24/7 and be in a place I have never been before, trying to get around. I wanted to find someone who might want to help. I asked around. Then the covid virus hit and I had to put it off to another year or beyond.  Will keep you updated when we go.  


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