What I have learned So Far #1

by | Sep 1, 2014

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What have I learned this year about life. That if you let yourself live without using to many thoughts all the time You will enjoy yourself better and breathe. Learning to appreciate yourself and just be. Being able to really listen and communicate with my kids, not just talk. Planning trips and getting their imput, not just me doing it all. Appreciating my kids for who they are and learning from them too. Not to be afraid when something hurts but move through it and learn the lesson being taught.

Being able to let my kids have a separate trip from me on vacation to let them be themselves. Letting myself go beyond my comfort zone and enjoy myself too, not being afraid. Knowing that people are supporting me in spirit and here on earth. Sending out positive healing vibes and spiritiual knowing they’re going to come back to me in one form or another.


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