Birthday Wishes

by | Oct 12, 2004

Birthday Wishes 10/12/04


What can I say, to a man like you, a father, friend and teacher too.
Who has taught me so much, but so much more for me to learn.
As life like a carousel does turn,
with ups and down as it spins around, you were there to pick me up off the ground.
But through it all, I’ve got to say, I wouldn’t want it any other way.
I can say with pride,that I hope and pray, with your health another
20 years more like today.
You’ll still be working on many projects big and small and soon hopefully finish them all.
Like I said in that turtle figure saying many years ago, “I’m slow, but I’m coming”
but I’ll get there so,
Keep on walking, doing, never stop yearning and learning,
For life is one big carousel turning!
Happy 80th Birthday Dad!!



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